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Topics in Representation Theory: Biset Functors

MoreliaCathedral CCM_UNAM

  Centro de Ciencias Matem├íticas UNAM,

Campus Morelia,

  June 19 - 30, 2023

Organizing Committee

Gerardo Raggi (Morelia, Mexico)
Robert Boltje (Santa Cruz, USA)
Peter Webb (Minneapolis, USA)

This will be a workshop aimed mainly at doctoral students with the goal of learning some of the more advanced developments in the theory of biset functors.
These include the theory of Green biset functors and the Dade group.
Lectures on these topics will be given by the students attending, based on Chapters 8 and 12 of the book

S. Bouc, Biset functors for finite groups, Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1990, Springer 2010.

The prerequisites for these lectures are quite demanding: a knowledge of the earlier chapters in the book.
There will also be lectures by Peter Webb on the new theory of biset functors for categories, as well as a small number of individual research talks.
There are a few more spaces available, but not many, because of space limitations. There is no funding for accommodation or travel.

If you wish to attend, please do contact
one of the organizers

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