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The workshop will take place in the Center of Mathematical Sciences (Centro de Ciencias Matemáticas), in the Morelia unit of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM Morelia). This campus of UNAM Morelia is about 10 km from the center of Morelia, as identified by the main cathedral. It is impractical to walk between the two.

Arrival to Morelia

Morelia has a small airport receiving flights from some Mexican cities and some cities in the USA. Due to the reduced number of flights, the connections to Morelia can have as a consequence long stops at other airports.

There are no shuttles from the airport at Morelia to the city, and the simplest way of transportation is by taxi or Uber. The ride from the airport to downtown Morelia is about 30km long, may take between 30 and 45 minutes and approximately costs 200 MXN (~12 USD).

Apart from this airport, the two closest airports are Mexico City's International Airport and Miguel Hidalgo International Airport in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

There are direct buses from Mexico City to Morelia from the North Bus Station (Central del Norte) approximately every hour during the day; at night there are fewer bus rides. The ride is 4 hours long and the buses are comfortable with the lines ETN (3 seats per row) or Primera Plus (4 seats per row). The ticket costs around 600 MXN (~34 USD). There are also direct buses from the West Bus Station (also called "Observatorio"), but the ride from the airport to this bus station is longer and it's necessary to cross Mexico City.

To get from the airport in Mexico City to the North Bus Station it is possible to arrive by taxi or Uber; this may take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and approximately costs 200 MXN (~12 USD).

In Guadalajara, there are direct buses to Morelia from the New Bus Station (Central Nueva) approximately every 2 hours during the day. The ride is 3.5 hours long and the bus lines are the same as in Mexico City, as well as their costs.

To get from the airport in Guadalajara to the New Bus Station the best to arrive is by taxi or Uber; this may take around 25 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and approximately costs 140 MXN (~11 USD).


Transportation from the city center to UNAM’s campus (other references nearby are FIRA and Tenencia Morelos) by taxi (which could be shared by 4 people) should be no more than 120 MXN (~7 USD). By public transportation (UNAM/ENEF's Paloma Azul bus) costs 10 MXN. You can check the public transport routes here: El Rutero. If you are unfamiliar with the small local buses it could be best to take an Uber or a taxi the first day. The safest option is to take Uber, and it should not be more than 100 MXN (~5.5 USD).


Non-local people will be staying in the center of town, within walking distance of the cathedral. There are several hotels close to the north side of the main square (Plaza de Armas) by the cathedral, for example, that are moderately priced and suitable, as well as other accommodation possibilities.

Here is a list of some hotels with which UNAM has preferential rates.

Hotel name
Rate per night
Hotel Alameda
1200 MXN (68 USD)
Single double room
Hotel Casino
1300 MXN (74 USD)
Single double room
Not included

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